Athlete School Advisor

Athlete School Advisor focuses on helping Scandinavian athletes (boys and girls) to apply for and receive grants for education at private high school and college in the United States. The young athlete is thereby given an opportunity to continue to invest in their sport and at the same time get a quality education.

The objectives vary for the sportsmen and students. For some it is maximum focus on the sport, for others it is a way to pay for their education. Regardless of the individual objective, college education provides an extra safety and security for their careers after sport. Exam, improved language skills, personal maturity and life experience provides a good platform in life.

We provide following services:


  • Sporting merit
  • Academic level
  • Alternative school selection
  • Available Scholarships

Athlete School Advisor obtains information from the athlete / student during a personal meeting or via telephone. Then we conduct a personal analysis with suggestions of schools and scholarship


  • Information about the SAT, ACT, TOEFL and IELTS test
  • Personal letter to school
  • Letter of Recommendation, statistics, results and merits
  • Information on DVD recording

We give advice and recommendations as well as provides the athlete / student with templates (personal folder) but it is students responsibility to collect and pay for the preparations.


  • Schools (administration and coaches)
  • Scholarships (sporting, academic and international)
  • License (NCAA Clearing House or NAIA)

The last phase is the application process. Athlete School Advisor uses its expertise and its network to place the athlete / student in an appropriate college or private high school.